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Letter from our founder: A year ago I quit my job

Abadesi Osunsade

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A year ago I did the most crazy / brave / risky thing I had ever done in my career. I quit my job with no next move planned.

I don't consider myself particularly risk-loving, but as the company's priorities had changed, so too had my role.

I deliberated the decision over a period of a week or so with friends and family and on a sunny May day in the Berlin office, video called my line manager and handed in my resignation.

Sure, my colleagues thought I was crazy, but deep down inside in that moment in time... I realised the only person's whose thoughts and feelings mattered were mine.

Since then I've done way more crazy / brave / risky things... I toyed with the idea of being a VC and had lots of coffee dates with associates (I soon changed my mind).

I interviewed for C-level roles at venture backed startups across London, Paris and Berlin.

And then I ran a series of careers workshops that ended up being the beginnings of Hustle Crew, my first venture.

In the few short months since we launched, we've become one of the first startups to be accepted into The Family's London incubator, accepted into the Prince's Trust enterprise programme, and delivered training for Pinterest's entire Europe team and students at LSE, Oxford, UCL and Imperial. We've also mentored over a hundred millennials from San Francisco to Shanghai.

Isn't it funny what happens when you start to conquer your fears? In my case I've found that each test and challenge has built my resilience and made me more brave.

What fears are holding you back from growing in your career? I'm not saying you should quit your job! But is a fear of failure holding you back from challenging yourself? A fear of embarrassment holding you back from asking questions in a meeting?

A very wise man once said, "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" and I get it now. Fear is a limitation. It's a trap. Be very afraid of fear because it is a fake friend. Stare it in the face and keep moving forward with your goals. And remember you have me and Hustle Crew right behind you to give you support. 

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