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Hustle Crew Diversity and Inclusion Tech Community

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If you'd like Abadesi to deliver a talk or workshop where you study / are employed, speak to your leadership team about the Hustle Crew mission and then intro them via email

We deliver talks, workshops and mentorship to communities including:

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“I’ve been a part of the Hustle Crew community since I first heard about it in November 2016 and can’t recommend their work highly enough. Having Abadesi as a mentor has given me the tools to accomplish more of my career goals like building on my entrepreneurial and copywriting skills. I’ve gained practical advice that continues to make an impact in my life.” - Simi Awokoya

"Dear Abadesi, Thanks for coming to Warwick to give such an inspirational talk. Your talk covered so many of the dilemmas which I face as a 2nd-year university student. Your words have invoked such clarity and have prompted me to dream bigger and hustle harder. You are just incredible." - Kriztee Fu

"Hi Abadesi, I attended your talk at Warwick and you were amazing! Thank you :) I've always found the tech industry daunting especially as a female but hearing your experience made it seem less so." - Iffah Awadiyah Azman

“The know-it-all teenager in me was initially sceptical about what I could possibly be told which I hadn’t already considered. But I soon realised that the workshop wasn’t a ‘listen and learn’ exercise, rather it provided a satisfyingly actionable method to categorise and prioritise my existing disarray of thoughts.” - Veronika Melkonian

“What I loved about the session is that it created a safe space to chat about somewhat taboo topics (network, updating your resume, etc). with like-minded women. It’s not natural to ask friends / colleagues / mentors for guidance on these topics and navigating these topics can be isolating — the session filled this void. ” - Natalie Sandman

“I found this session truly empowering, it allowed me to walk into interviews with confidence and a solid understanding of what was expected of me. After this workshop I had four successful interviews, I can genuinely say that it was a result of the interview techniques I learnt during the session.” - Layla Hatia

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"Good things happen to those who hustle."

- Anais Nin

Hustle Crew Ltd. is Registered in England No. 10506065