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Intensive Careers Masterclass Ticket incl. food & drink 20/11 (Non-Members)

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Intensive Careers Masterclass Ticket incl. food & drink 20/11 (Non-Members)

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Intensive Careers Masterclass Ticket incl. food & drink 20/11 (Non-Members)


The Intensive Careers Masterclass is for anyone looking to get a better understanding of how to sell themselves more authentically to employers/ clients and land roles/projects that align with their aspirations. It takes place in a breather space in Central London from 1-5pm.

Who should attend:

The focus is on the tech sector and so is best suited to those aspiring to be / already working in: technology, digital media, digital marketing plus entrepreneurs and freelancers.

What we cover:

  • Recognising your USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • Crafting authentic narratives

  • Story-telling in professional settings

  • Identifying what you want

  • Creating strategies for achieving goals

  • Identifying influence within your ecosystem

  • Leveraging connectors in your network

The Method:

Abadesi and Natalie's work is founded on proven research and techniques focused on eliminating unconscious bias, building confidence, and reading and sending signals effectively. 

The Results: 

Within a month of attending the July 2016 sessions:

- one attendee negotiated an £8k pay rise

- one attendee secured four job offers as a freelancer

- one attendee launched her own business as a first time founder


"I found this session truly empowering, it allowed me to walk into interviews with confidence and a solid understanding of what was expected of me. After this workshop I had four successful interviews, I can genuinely say that it was a result of the interview techniques I learnt during the session."

"It's not a coincidence that I attended the workshop and within 2 weeks I had made an £8K pay rise at work. This helped me get my shit together."

"What I loved about the session is that it created a safe space to chat about somewhat taboo topics (network, updating your resume, etc). with like-minded women. It's not natural to ask friends / colleagues / mentors for guidance on these topics and navigating these topics can be isolating -- the session filled this void."

What we provide:

Printed activity sheets, resources to take home, organic food and drinks for the refreshment break

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